Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eddie on the secrecy during filming Fantastic Beasts

“I ended up persuaded them to print a script out for me, but they would only do it 
provided that every night the script was put in a safe…I used to get so nervous

whenever I walked around with my case with the script in it, 
it was literally like I was sort of carrying a young child”

Friday, June 23, 2017

Eddie at Sarabande event in Hackney Wednesday 21st June 2017

Eddie Redmayne with 'The Rubble talks too' performers (source: @nuraan_petersen IG)

To Haggerston, for a performance piece by artist Esna Su about the plight of Syrian refugees. In the
audience was Eddie Redmayne, (pictured with Su, left) who was there to support his wife Hannah 
Bagshawe, who works with Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation, host of the evening.
source: London Evening Standard: Londoner's Diary by Baz Luhrmann (via)

@sarabandefoundation: The brilliant artist-in-residence @esna_su with guest #eddieredmayne
and her performers after showcase 'The Rubble Talks Too' as part of @refugeeweekuk held in
@sarabandefoundation last night. - Read more

esna_su: Many thanks to @sarabandefoundation for the incredible support.
The Rubble Talks Too. #refugeeweek Eddie Redmayne & Hanna Bagshawe,
performers:@nuraan_petersen Anouk Petersen, Ruzgar Metin, Nazli Metin. #refugeeweek2017.
Performers Ezba Su, Nazli Metin, Ruzgar Metin, Marie Couvert-Castera, Isabella Giorgio,
Nuraan Petersen, Anouk Petersen,Lydia Hartshorn, Jo Miller, Antonio Castro, Salih Goztas,
Helen Goztas, Klong Soprano :Madeleine Bradbury Rance
Muzik Enza Su @enza_su01 Dj:Onur Ismail Kaya

esna_su: Many thanks to "The Rubble Talk Too" performers and those lovely people
who made the journey real... photo by Burc Ozkan...

The brilliant artist-in-residence Esna Su with her performers (x)
The event featured in The Evening Standard Londoner's Diary on Thursday (x)

Haunting performance by #EsnaSu, 14 performers representing 14 regions of Syria
carrying conceptual jewellery symbolic of a life that was left behind. (x)
Eddie Redmayne at the event on Wednesday 21st June 2017 in London. (x)

Updated on 24 June 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

#MyEyesSay at the London Eye for Global MND Awareness day

Jade Fallen‏ @JadeFallen:  #MNDGlobalAwarenessDay #MNDA thank you Eddie Redmayne  (x)

Francine Stock‏: With Eddie Redmayne, patron of @mndassoc,
about to discuss MND Global Awareness Day at the London Eye

Toby Bryans‏ @tobybryans: Such a privilege to be here with Eddie Redmayne and 
@FrancineFilm at the MND Global Awareness Day #MyEyesSay (x)

Toby Bryans‏ @tobybryan: Find someone that looks at you like Eddie Redmayne 

than turning @TheLondonEye blue & orange for #MNDGlobalAwarenessDay
Patron #EddieRedmayne did the honors. (x)

Eddie said: "MND is a brutal, brutal disease – progressive, fatal and with no cure... It’s my pleasure to help the Motor Neurone Disease Association by lighting up the Coca-Cola London Eye... "The charity needs greater awareness, so people become conscious of quite how devastating a diagnosis of MND can be for individuals and their families... "The MND Associations also needs to raise money to keep improving care, and fund research into treatments and – ultimately – 
to try and a find a cure." (source: OK! magazine)

Eddie Redmayne at the MND Awareness Day  (x)

Eddie pose for photos at the London Eye (source: @ssaanngg3 on Instagram)

Felicity Jones for MND Global Awareness Day (@felicityjonespictures)

Updated on 24nd June 2017

My tumblr blog is 3 years old turned 3 today πŸŽ‚
My edit for the anniversary
The original photo was taken 3 years ago in Wimbledon. (x)

There are wonderful Eddie Redmayne fanblogs on tumblr. I follow many
of them since I became a fan in November 2012. I started my blog here in 
the blogger in 2013, because this platform suited better to my post ideas. 
A few month later I realized, that it would be helpful to start a tumblr blog 
too. so it would be much easier to follow my favorite blogs, and they can 
support each other. I can link the related tumblr posts in my blogposts by 
using hashtags to group them, and I can also post there updates and 
promote my blogger with read more links, that serve as additions to my 
tumblr posts. I can organize the infos and pics better, this help us - to me 
and hopefully to you as well - to find what we are looking for.

Some of my tumblr posts

Why am I Eddie addict and why do I run my blogs and 
social media accounts? It's a post about my motivations.

Monday, June 19, 2017

A New Era of Magic bts pictures

A few screenshots from the DVD extras

Eddie Redmayne on the set with producer David Heyman

...and with director David Yates

and Ron Perlman

Shooting the Blind Pig scene

J.K. Rowling Named Companion of Honour in Queen’s Birthday Honours List
She returned to Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities List After Three-Year Absence

I would like to post more, but I'm very busy at work these days.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sightings this week - Happy Father's Day

Eddie Redmayne was at the Bankside Open Spaces Great Get Together 
street festival in London today (x) Read more about the event here (via)

@sabina.tupan on Instagram posted: A little #oscarmoment with #eddieredmayne

Lucky fans met Eddie Wednesday

freyahopkinss: Bumped into Eddie Redmayne on Wednesday night...
I agree with bespokeredmayne, I think that his half-brother 
Charlie Redmayne, Harper Collins CEO is in the background.

There was another sighting on 14th June

@coolek87 (Instagram) took a selfie with Eddie

Eddie was in the same T-shirt, that he wore at a dance theatre show last month

In my previous post I wished Eddie's daughter Iris Mary Happy 1st Birthday
Eddie And Hannah took her to a stroll in London this week
Their companion was none other than Hannah's mother Caryl Bagshawe (x)

(my collage)


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Iris πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ’πŸ’ž❤πŸ˜‚

“Today, Eddie Redmayne confesses to feel the need to have a break in his career. Visibly attached
to the values ​​of the family, he describes with tenderness and humor his new role as father of little
Iris , born last June of his marriage with Hannah Bagshawe. “I wanted to take a sabbatical after my
last shoot and stay in London, where I live with my wife and daughter. Read, go to exhibitions, relearn
to take time to recharge,” he explains. ( via queenmarci8284)

"Fatherhood has been amazing," the young actor gushes with unadulterated exuberance. "And I've been so lucky that, with the job I do, I didn't have to take paternity leave. Instead, I just stopped working after my last film, and had a chunk of time off when Iris was born."
(Gentleman’s Journal)

“If Iris has managed to sleep through the night and then you hear a gentle squeak and you go
in [her room] and turn on the light … and the massive grin that’s like, ‘It’s a whole new day.’ That’s probably the greatest thing.” (x)

"...[Iris] does have the habit of knowing when you have a big day, like today. And she was up until four in the morning, so both my wife and I came today with matchsticks under our eyes. Other than that she is on cracking form. Eddie Redmayne about the night before his big day at Windsor Castle (via)

“And it’s that hilarious thing by which when before you’re a parent you sort of hear people talking about that and then suddenly you’re the guy who’s like floating in a sort of constant jetlag with a sort of IV of caffeine,” Eddie said. “So I’ve become that person.” (Ellen Show - Nov. 2016)

The amazing thing about it with babies is that you have one night where you sleep through and my wife and I high-five ourselves, and the next night she punishes you!” - video

Eddie: "...we flew back from New York, and Iris was on the plane, and there’s that fear  when you’re on a plane that… and she doesn’t cry, but she shouts. She loves to shout. She goes, “Bahh! Bahh!” [Everyone laughs] Eddie: And I was so worried that everyone was going to be kept up, but most of the people in our cabin were the cast of the film, and they were so sweet. It became the Fantastic Beasts [daycare]. Katherine was  looking after her for a while, and then she got passed around the Ezra, who was entertained. It was actually amazing. Hannah and I were just like, “Guys!” mugglenet)

Eddie on becoming a father…‘It’s such a clichΓ©, but the only negative is the sleep  deprivation. One night Iris slept all the way through and we were like, “Our lives have returned!”, only we got sucker punched the next night by being woken at all hours. But despite that, you can go into her room mildly furious and then there’s this massive grin waiting for you and all is forgiven.’ Eddie wrapped up filming for Fantastic Beasts last March so has been very much around for Iris’ first few months, but whereas many new parents might not dare leave the house for a while, he and Hannah were happy to fly out to the Rio Olympics with Iris at just eight weeks old. ‘There was a slightly worrying moment when we were on the plane with lots of Olympians and there was the fear that Iris would keep them up and screw up their medal chances, but they seemed to do ok!’ 

"I’ve never been so eager to meet a woman in my life! I’ve already in love with her!
You know, I’m afraid of becoming this crazy father who terrorises his daughter with
attention; however, all signs are pointing towards that. With her birth, everything,
absolutely everything is going to change...
I think she’s going to change me. She’s going to be the centre of it all. I’m going
to be responsible for her, at least to a certain moment in her life, as a parent. All of
my responsibilities so far have been professional and social in nature, yet this is
going to be something imparted by the nature itself." (Psychologies)

Last year's post:

HalΓ‘sz Judit is a Hungarian actress and singer, who has several albums with 
songs for children. They adore her and her songs. She has a Birthday song: 
Boldog SzΓΌletΓ©snapot! (Happy Birthday!)
We sing this for the birthday girls and boys here in Hungary.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#MyEyesSay campaign - MND Awareness Month

Three of the MND Association Patrons Stephen Hawking, Benedict Cumberbatch 
and Eddie Redmayne – will feature on posters at key London transport hubs during 
Awareness Month. Stephen Hawking will appear on a poster at Victoria train station 
from 5th June, while Eddie Redmayne’s poster will be at Waterloo and Benedict 
Cumberbatch’s at Kings Cross for 10 days from 13th June. All three posters 
will be on display during MND Global Awareness Day on 21st June.

Eddie's poster at Waterloo Station (@bespokeredmayne)

Join MND Association patrons Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch and 
Stephen Hawking in promoting and supporting the #MyEyesSay campaign 
during this MND Awareness Month.

In 2015 Eddie Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen 
Hawking in ‘The Theory Of Everything’, becoming a Patron in the same year. 
In Hollywood Eddie dedicated his Academy Award to everyone living with the 
disease and when he was back in London, he visited an MND Clinic to show the 
Oscar statue to Glenn Phillips, one of the people who helped him understand 
the difficulties of living with the disease. Glenn sadly died in May this year. 
Eddie said, “Learning about the devastating effects of motor neurone disease was 
one of the life-changing experiences I had making ‘The Theory Of Everything’. 
We were invited to visit MND clinics, and I went every couple of weeks for a few 
months so I could find out what life was really like for people living with the 
disease. I’m delighted to help continue raising awareness of MND by taking 
part in this poster campaign for the Motor Neurone Disease Association”.

Stephen says, “I have lived most of my life in the expectation of an early death, 
so time has always been precious to me. I have so much that I want to do. 
I hate wasting time.” 

(via bespokeredmayne)

Update: Eddie Redmayne visited his #MyEyesSay poster for MND Awareness Month at
Waterloo Station on Wednesday 21st June 2017 during MND Global Awereness Day.
The poster was up until 24th June. Source: @mndVIPteam (via)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Some of the team, that helps Eddie's career

Redmayne is repped by CAA, United Agents, Parseghian Planco and Untitled Entertainment.(x) (x)

Josh Liberman of CAA and Eddie Redmayne attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards Nominee
Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 2, 2015 in Beverly Hills - source: zimbio

With Amy Komorowski, Jason Weinberg of Untitled Entertainment and MissCarrieG
October 2014 NYC (x) - another photo of Team Danish

Backstage at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards with Jason Weinberg and MissCarrieG
Source: via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog
In his Golden Globe acceptance speech Eddie mentioned his "wondrous team of agents"

 Eddie with his team at the SAG Awards 2015 (source: @misscarrieg on Instagram)

His team supported Eddie (sat at the same table) during the Awards show

In his SAG acceptance speech Eddie mentioned the wonderful group of people at table two

In his BAFTA acceptance speech Eddie also dedicated his award to his team, as part of his
professional family: " extraordinary team of agents who have been whipping me into
shape for the past 13 years..." (full speech here)

Jason Weinberg is behind Eddie on this photo, taken when Eddie won the Best Actor Oscar (x)

"I would not be here were it not for an extraordinary groop of people…and my ingenious team
of Dallas, Josh, Gene, Jason, Elan, Carl, Britney, and Carrie and Pip..." (video - transcript)

"Whatever Eddie's got, that's what you spend your life looking for. He had a unique presence,
completely untrained, the kind of magnetism that only great actors have...the most astonishing
natural ability. You can't teach that." — Dallas Smith (x)

Eddie with Gene Parseghian, who sadly died in March (x) (x)

On working with Day-Lewis, Gene said in 2001: "There have been times when he's gone for 
as long as three years between films. When I tell people that he's not interested in working, 
that he doesn't want to read any material or hear about anything, they have such a hard time
understanding. "With Daniel, his life is more important to him. And 
I think I work better with actors who are focused on living lives rather than living careers.
People who hand themselves over to their careers often end up living alone, very alone."